Silent journey but……

I’m continuing to wake up from the Matrix.  It’s weird to think that so much of what you’ve invested your life in and that you’ve even taught was wrong.  I’ve recently come to a real crossroads and I’m struggling to work through it. If the church doesn’t even know it’s true identity which seems like […]

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Plant. Water. Repeat.

I like this phrase a lot. My responsibility with Gospel isn’t to make converts, after all, only the Holy Spirit can do that. I’ve recently stepped out of the institutional church after 18 years and took a job with a major wireless provider. Every single day I stand at the intersection of humanity and see […]

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Language Matters

The church is__________________________. How would you fill in the blank above?  I’ve grown up in the south and trust me when I say that I’ve just about heard it all.  One day following a Sunday gathering of the church an older gentleman approached visibly upset.  I had shared that morning from Acts 2:42-47 about the […]

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What if?

In 1999 Warner Brothers released a cutting edge sci-fi thriller called The Matrix.  The movie set up the interesting scenario that everything that we know is not what it seems. Neo goes on an adventure where he meets Morpheus.  The first meeting of Neo and Morpheus is one of the most important scenes in the […]

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